Timeline of Events

The reckoning of time was constructed by the Wise Men of Istoríltan following the death of Oerscâlín. For more information, see Reckoning of Time.

The First Age


  • The Maker creates the Wise Men, and tasks the Wise Men with figuring out Its ailment.
  • Oerscâlín explains to the Maker that he is becoming tired.
  • The Great City of Istoríltan is completed. Oerscâlín is crowned its first King.
  • The Wise Men begin to spread out and form colonies on other lands.
  • Oerscâlín realizes that he has become old and explains Death to the Maker.


  • Oerscâlín dies. The Wise Men create the idea of time in response, and begin to track it.


  • The Maker begins to feel too weary, and creates the Wizards from Oerscâlín’s sons.
  • The Maker orders the Wizards to guide the Wise Men while he goes west to prepare his resting place.

1E.5 to 1E.336

  • The Wise Men spread out to the edges of Creation under the Wizards’ guidance.


  • The Maker creates Mínkrasolast calls the Wizards to Its side in Istoríltan. It tells the Wizards that It needs to rest, and that the Wizards are to come to Its side in seven years to awaken It.
  • The Maker carries the corpse of Oerscâlín across the western sea to his Hall.


  • Sinzârast falls to Pride. Nâvaroch and Amíndur are troubled and seek guidance.
  • Nâvaroch falls to Wrath. Istoríltan is destroyed, and the Wise Men are no more.
  • Oern falls to Gluttony.
  • Kâshildís falls to Greed. Out of paranoia, he releases the Arrakesh and constructs a massive treasure vault.
  • Amíndur falls to Sloth.
  • Vestorín falls to Lust.
  • Tashdíl falls to Envy.

The Second Age


  • The Wizards board Mínkrasolast and depart for the Maker’s Hall.
  • The mists surrounding the Maker’s Hall do not let the corrupted Wizards pass, and storms arise.
  • The Wizards are all killed. Mínkrasolast is lost.
  • Survivors from Istoríltan reach the shores of Orílvas and Nashratan.
  • The lords of Orílvas and Nashratan send messengers to Alvas, Líratan, and Kâvirtan, calling for a council to discuss the fate of Istoríltan.


  • The Great Council of Istoríltan meets at its ruin. Supporters of each of the regeants of the Five Colonies demand that their lord should be the new King of the Wise Men. The sides argue heatedly, until Silsanin, regeant of Nashratan, kills Palvír, regeant of Orílvas, in the middle of the council hall. Palvír II swears revenge and departs Istoríltan, shouting to the heavens that he will see Nashratan burn as Istoríltan did.
  • Each of the Pretender-Kings’ delegations leave back to their home colonies. Each begins to construct an army.


  • Orílvas and Nashratan at war. Ends with the Silsanin’s death, caused by a small band of Orílvas soldiers sneaking into the city and burning the regeant’s manor to the ground.


  • Alvas and Líratan at war. Ends with the death of Oeldír, Pretender-King of Alvas, dying on the fields northeast of Alvas. Líratan occupies Alvas.


  • Pretender-King Eshânvarn of Kâvirtan and Pretender-King Malash of Líratan both claim to be the rightful successor to Oeldír. Kâvirtan and Líratan at war. Ends with the capture and imprisonment of Malash on the shores to the west of Líratan. Kâvirtan claims both Líratan and Alvas.


  • Pretender-King Palvir II of Orílvas claims rightful succession within Líratan. Orílvas and Kâvirtan at war. Ends with the capture and execution of both Palvir II and Eshânvarn by a sneak attack by Silsanin II.



  • An undeground movement ousts Silsanin II’s occupation from Líratan.
  • An advisor to the new Pretender-King of Líratan awakens as Nílsarín the Violet.



  • Orian the Red promoted to High General of Nashratan.


  • Nílsarín brings a prophesy of cataclysmic destruction to Tolimâr and advises him to cease warmongering. Nílsarín jailed for treason.
  • Arlontal gathers many who are sick of the constant warring and marches out of Orílvas, forming the Free Colony of Mishírvas. Refugees from Alvas and Líratan make their way to the new city over time.


  • Kilish, following Arlontal’s example, leads an exodus from Kâvirtan, forming the Free Colony of Vastoríltan on the islands north of Istoríltan’s ruins.


  • A battle in the forests south of Líratan ends in the death of Arlontal.
  • Mishírvas is torn into two warring factions supporting different rulers of the colony—those supporting the council of elders, and those supporting Elvír, brother of Arlontal.
  • The supporters of the Elvír win the conflict. Supporters of the council of elders are banished from Mishírvas, and leave for the south. The Colony of Zolvatan is founded.
  • Orian leads an army against Líratan. Orian storms the palace and releases Nílsarín, who wanders off into the southeast. Tolimâr leaves Líratan to capture Nílsarín.


  • Tolimâr captures Nílsarín. During his return voyage, he is slain at the hands of a great and terrible beast of the Dark. Nílsarín escapes and eventually makes his way to Vastoríltan.


  • Râstil hunts the Scourge of Tolimâr, but it evades her. It eventually makes its way to the Deep, where it attempts to free a beast from within to help it fend off the wizard. Râstil is wounded in the fight, but manages to imprison the Scourge of Tolimâr within the Deep.


  • Nashratan armies, led by Orian, conquer the colonies of Orílvas, Alvas, Kâvírtan, and Líratan.


  • Râstil and Kilish call a Council of the Colours. They try to convince the other Wizards that they should be focused on their Tasks instead of the wars. Nílsarín speaks in half-mad omens throughout the entire proceeding, Orian leaves the council, declaring it to be a waste of time.


  • Râstil, Kilish, and Vâshoer call a Council of the Colours. They give Orian an ultimatum: He must stand down from his position leading Nashratan’s armies, or they will be forced to take him down. Orian retaliates by declaring war on the remaining Wizards; while Nílsarín gives a cryptic message and leaves, laughing like a madman.


  • The Empire of Nashratan focuses all of its military efforts in bringing the Wizards down.
  • Vâshoer is cornered on the mountains near Mishírvas. Orian slays him, and takes on the title Orian the Red, Slayer of Death.
  • Kilish is followed to an island southeast of Istoríltan’s ruins. The island is burned to the ground.
  • Râstil sneaks into Nashratan and steals the spirits of its Pretender-King’s lineage. She eludes the Nashratan military’s pursuit and creates a sepulchre at the place of Kilish’s death. She names it Orian’s Corruption, inters Kilish with honor, and imprisons the spirits within.
  • Râstil is eventually caught on the plains between Alvas and Orílvas. She is executed on the spot.
  • Orian is surprised by a visit from Nílsarín, who babbles more cryptic messages. Before the guard can be called, Nílsarín manages to land a silver dagger within Orian’s heart. Nílsarín is gone before the guard arrive.


  • Over the course of decades, House Nashratan loses its power due to weak leadership. The King of Nashratan becomes little more than his advisors’ puppet.


  • Nílsarín wanders the world. Deciding that the world would be better off if more than the Wizards held power, he constructs many wonders and gives them out. He collects and divides up the staves of the fallen Wizards and gives them out to the kings of men.


  • Nílsarín’s body is found washed ashore near Vastoríltan.


  • Orílvas rebels against Nashratan. Nashratan spends far too many resources trying to quell the rebellion, allowing Alvas, Kâvírtan, and Líratan to break away. The newly liberated colonies assist Orílvas in the war effort, and Orílvas eventually takes back its independence.


  • The staff of Vâshoer is used in a battle between Kâvirtan and Líratan, marking the first use of magic in battle by a non-Wizard.





  • Escanín calls a Council of the Colours. He puts forth that the Wizards should build a sanctuary on the grounds of Istoríltan, where future councils can be held. All in attendance agree, and the Wizards begin a great work of Artifice.


  • Zolvatan’s council of elders decides to use the city’s prosperity to begin expanding. The colony begins placing new cities elsewhere in the jungle.


  • After three decades of relative peace, wars begin to break out. Mishírvas, Vastoríltan, and Kâvirtan emerge as clear superiors due to the staves that Nilsarín gave out. The other colonies suffer loss after loss. Zolvatan remains isolated from the conflict.


  • Râthmaram calls a Council of the Colours. The growing wars are discussed, and it is decided upon that the Wizards should strive to remove the magical gifts of Nilsarín from the colonies.
  • Zâvaroth, with the aid of Oedírin, rallies and leads Vastoríltan’s admiralty against its rulers in a civil war for dominance of the staff of Kilish. The war escalates to a siege on the castle, and a one-on-one duel between Zâvaroth and King Ishvalan III. Zâvaroth slays Ishvalan III, takes the staff, and vows to leave Vastoríltan forever. Ishvalan IV vows to destroy Zâvaroth for her treachery.
  • Elscanín and Râthmaram enter Mishírvas in the hopes of stealing the staff of Orian, but decide to try diplomacy instead. After nearly two weeks of discussion, the Wizards manage to talk the King Elvír II into giving up the staff, in exchange for being allowed to keep a small piece.
  • The staff of Vashoer conflict
  • Siltharan confronts Poelmír about shirking his duties. Poelmír grudgingly accepts that he must act upon his duties as a Wizard, but ends up acting only when something occurs that he cannot otherwise ignore.


Timeline of Events

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