Red Magic

The magic of Nâvaroch concerns fire, the winds, the weather, and the seasons.

Red Artifice

Create Staff
Artifice 0
Interval: Long

You craft a staff suitable for Red Magic. The staff must be similar to the one given to Nâvaroch by the Maker, and thus must be crafted of cypress wood. If adorned, the staff must be adorned primarily with garnet.

You may only perform this spell if you do not have a staff, or if your existing staff is lost to you. The Loremaster has final say on whether a staff is “lost to you”.

A Jar of Winds
Artifice 2
Interval: Short
Difficulty: 3
Measure: 1 Minute

You gather up the winds blowing through an area and hide them within a vessel of some sort. The winds within the area slowly die down to nothing as you gather them into the vessel, until they are completely still. The winds stay still for roughly six hours before slowly building back up.

Alternatively, you may use this spell to keep weather for later, in much the same method. The weather conditions die down to temperate for the region you’re in for the six hours after the weather is placed in the vessel.

Anyone holding the vessel feels something moving around within. If the vessel is transparent, the stolen weather or wind can be viewed moving around as it would be expected to, had the will of a Wizard not intervened.

Once opened, the wind or weather escapes and covers the general region. If the vessel was full of winds, it can be pointed in a direction before opening to make the released winds blow in that direction.

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Red Magic

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