Magic Rules

Spells do not have a TN, but do have a property called Interval. Spells come in three varieties, those of Short Interval, those of Long Interval, and those of Prolonged Interval.

Spells of Short Interval have an additional property called Difficulty. Difficulty determines the number of rolls that need to be made. If a spell has a Difficulty of greater than 0, it has a final property called Measure, which determines the amount of time each roll requires.

Spells of Long and Prolonged Interval require enough time and effort that they can only be performed in the Fellowship Phase. A Wizard can perform a single spell of Long Interval in addition to an Undertaking, but if a Wizard performs a spell of Prolonged Interval, he cannot perform an Undertaking.

Success Dice are only used on the first roll of a spell, and are rolled before the first Feat Die. Each tengwar rolled reduces the Difficulty by 1. Each roll beyond that only uses the Feat Die.

  • Rolling a number doesn’t have any additional effect, other than effectively “passing” the roll.
  • Rolling Gandalf causes the spell to be immediately completed; no further rolls are necessary.
  • Rolling Sauron causes the spell to be immediately completed, but the Wizard becomes Weary. While Weary, a Wizard cannot cast spells.

A Wizard requires his staff to cast most of his magic. If a Wizard doesn’t have his staff, he can only make use of rank 0 spells. This increases to rank 1 spells if the Wizard has at least 3 in the associated discipline, or rank 2 if the Wizard has 6 in the associated discipline. The Difficulty of all spells increases by 2 without a staff, and the Gandalf rune counts as the Sauron rune.

Spells are divided into six different methods, and rated in the same way Skills are.

  • Artifice: Creation of objects with magical properties. Generally single-use things are Short Interval, and anything more permanent than that are Long or Prolonged.
  • Conjury: Creation of aspects of your sphere from nothing.
  • Demesne: Empowering a location to be part of your magical essence. As Demesne increases the location becomes more otherworldly (and extradimensional).
  • Spirit: Interacting with the spirits of your sphere.
  • War: Spells of battle. 0-2 affect yourself; 3-4 affect a group, 5-6 affect armies.

The idea currently is that a fully realized Wizard has 6/6/5/4/3/3 for their method levels.

Would like to see roughly 4/4/4/3/3/2/2 for spell list minimums, but that can be flexible (especially with Artifice).

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Magic Rules

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