Grey Magic

The magic of Tashdíl concerns death, endings, change, and subtlety.

Grey Artifice

Create Staff
Artifice 0
Interval: Long

You craft a staff suitable for Grey Magic. The staff must be similar to the one given to Tashdíl by the Maker, and thus must be crafted of elm wood. If adorned, the staff must be adorned primarily with quartz.

You may only perform this spell if you do not have a staff, or if your existing staff is lost to you. The Loremaster has final say on whether a staff is “lost to you”.

The Ashen Key
Conjury 1
Interval: Long

When the Maker wove Death into creation, Oerscâlín advised It that there should be no place that Death cannot reach.

You craft a small key of ash that confers you Death’s authority. The key can be fit into any mundane lock, and doing so allows you to immediately and silently unlock it. When shutting something opened in this way, you may choose whether it remains unlocked or returns to its original state.

Grey Conjury

Grey Demesne

Grey Spirit

Grey War

Grey Magic

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