Tag: Age:First


  • Sinzarâst

    h5. Associations _Domain_: Rulership, Wisdom _Sin_: Pride _Valuable_: Gold _Flower_: Rose _Tree_: Oak _Beast_: Lion _Bird_: Falcon _Mythic Beast_: Gryphon

  • Tashdíl

    h5. Associations _Domain_: Death _Task_: To bring death at its appointed hour. _Sin_: Envy _Valuable_: Quartz _Flower_: Poppy _Tree_: Elm _Beast_: Rat _Bird_: Crow _Mythic Beast_: Cerberus

  • Vestorín

    h5. Associations _Domain_: Life and Light _Sin_: Lust _Valuable_: Diamond _Flower_: Lotus _Tree_: Apple _Beast_: Wolf _Bird_: Dove _Mythic Beast_: Unicorn

  • Amíndur

    h5. Associations _Domain_: The Heavens, Prophesy _Sin_: Sloth _Valuable_: Amethyst _Flower_: Violet _Tree_: Holly _Beast_: Serpent _Bird_: Eagle _Mythic Beast_: Phoenix

  • Oern

    h5. Associations _Domain_: Water, the Ocean _Sin_: Gluttony _Valuable_: Sapphire _Flower_: Water Lily _Tree_: Willow _Beast_: Otter _Bird_: Seagull _Mythic Beast_: Sea Serpent

  • Kâshildís

    h5. Associations _Domain_: Earth, Metal, the Deep _Sin_: Greed _Valuable_: Emerald _Flower_: Morning Glory _Tree_: Ash _Beast_: Mole _Bird_: Bat _Mythic Beast_: Behemoth

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